When Linda (name changed) passed away, she left behind her an extraordinary life. Orphaned at 13, as an adult she qualified and worked as a social worker. Then she married, got divorced, dropped everything and became a lawyer.


Over the past two years, craft beer has exploded on the market. But who’s drinking it and will Vietnamese drinkers get on board? Words by Matt Cowan and Edward Dalton. Photos by Mike Palumbo, Bao Zoan and Julie Vola

What are your favourite travel destinations in Vietnam? This is the question we posed our judges. Here is how they responded. Words by Nick Ross

That amber nectar peculiar to Vietnam is as popular as ever, but what are your thoughts about that beer lasting only 24 hours, bia hoi? Words by Edward Dalton

From McDonald’s to Wrap ‘n Roll through to Dunkin’ Donuts. Chain restaurants are everywhere. But how much are they appreciated? Words by Matt Cowan

Where do you like to take your dose of caffeine and settle down in front of your computer? Jesse Meadows and Nick Ross tell us what our judges said


Which watering holes do you like the most? After getting the results from over 100 judges, Matt Cowan and Nick Ross reveal all

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