Royal City

Katie Jacobs goes in search of the perfect urban complex. Might it be located in the newly opened Vincom Royal City in Thanh Xuan? Photos by Francis Roux

The Sausage Man

It started as a part-time hobby for a Filipino English teacher, but now his sausages are on the menu at Hanoi Social Club and it looks like business could be on the up. Marc Forster-Pert went to meet the man behind the snag. Photos by Francis Roux


Ed Weinberg meets two women propping up Vietnam’s craft heritage by means of the collaborative social enterprise, Fashion4Freedom, and a very impressive shoe. Photos by Nick Ross

Hang En

Nick Ross and Francis Roux took a grueling, two-day trip to Hang En, the cave of a hundred thousand swallows

Son Doong

Photo by Simon Dunne

A trek to Son Doong is like a trip to the land that time forgot. Words by Nick Ross

Tu Lan

Two river caves 40km from Phong Nha provided Marc Forster-Pert with an adrenalin-fuelled mix of adventure and picture postcard scenery. Photos by Francis Roux

Son Doong Cave

Photo by Michael Morehouse

From war zone to a tourism hotspot, Quang Binh has undergone a transformation that 40 years ago would have been unthought of. Words by Hoa Le. Photo by Francis Roux

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