Four months after ride-sharing app Uber launched in Hanoi and nine months after it touched down in Saigon, David Mann hit the streets to hear the verdict. Photos by Julie Vola

Jon Aspin sucks down a Hahn Super Dry, in his quest for the ultimate expat experience

Nothing gets a headline like a health crisis. After a study made international headlines in 2013, Katie Jacobs followed up with the author to see how the apocalypse is coming along.

It’s the basic commandment of photography: “Smile for the camera.” But for photographers Réhahn Croquevielle and An Soi, this simple interaction is more than tooth-deep. Words by Ed Weinberg

Due to the Lunar New Year, February was a big month for beer in Vietnam. Jon Aspin met some of the men who call beer their 9 to 5.

With the biggest festival of the Vietnamese year just around the corner, Vu Ha Kim Vy gives some tips on a lucky New Year. Photos by Francis Xavier

Khu98 in Hanoi

One year after Zone 9 shut its doors, David Mann went in search of the precinct’s former tenants to see what they’re up to now. Photos by David Harris and Julie Vola

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