Which watering holes do you like the most? After getting the results from over 100 judges, Matt Cowan and Nick Ross reveal all

Over 100 judges, lots of restaurants and many opinions. Here’s how the voting went. Words by Nick Ross

Well, the top international restaurants Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, really, as we didn’t include the rest of this country. Some of the results are surprising. Words by Nick Ross

The Environmentally Friendly award goes to..…Keep Hanoi Clean

The award for the Grubbiest Looking Brewer goes to..…Thomas Bilgram

The award for being fresh off the boat; the ‘I Don’t Care’ award; the compass award for taxi drivers; the best expat slang award; the prize for the best underwater project in Vietnam or perhaps the tastiest burrito in Hanoi.

Brash. Glitzy. Outspoken. Controversial. Divisive. Yes, it’s the annual Word Awards again, our contribution to the vast treasure trove of miniature statues and dusty trophies that adorn the world’s mantlepieces, outdoor sheds and smallest rooms.

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