The award for being fresh off the boat; the ‘I Don’t Care’ award; the compass award for taxi drivers; the best expat slang award; the prize for the best underwater project in Vietnam or perhaps the tastiest burrito in Hanoi.

Brash. Glitzy. Outspoken. Controversial. Divisive. Yes, it’s the annual Word Awards again, our contribution to the vast treasure trove of miniature statues and dusty trophies that adorn the world’s mantlepieces, outdoor sheds and smallest rooms.

From women in business to academics, authors to behavioural analysts to fashion designers, we profile nine women who are making a difference in Vietnam. Photos by Julie Vola, Mike Palumbo and Bao Zoan

A rare sight elsewhere in the world, in Vietnam’s booming construction industry women are everywhere. With his camera to hand, Theo Lowenstein went in search of the women helping to build this country. Words by Edward Dalton

Vo Thi Sau, Ba Trieu and Hai Ba Trung? Wonder who they are? Here are their stories and the tales of some of this country’s best known women. Words by Jesse Meadows and Vu Ha Kim Vy

If you’ve seen the man-versus-wife fights on the street, then this is nothing to what can go on behind the scenes. Jesse Meadows looks at how deep-rooted domestic violence is in Vietnam, and what is being done to get rid of it. Photo by Julie Vola

From music to film, art to poetry, we profile five women who’ve found themselves a niche in Vietnam’s arts. Photos by Julie Vola and Mike Palumbo

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