Vietnam doesn’t have national surveys that canvas opinion, or obtain people’s thoughts on issues that affect their daily lives


What surveys the country does have are conducted by market research companies like Nielsen, Cimigo, Decision Lab, Epinion and TNS, and are mostly for private clients to gain snapshots into buyer behaviour, market growth and consumer confidence. The stats they produce are intriguing but business-driven.


So we had the idea to do our own research and to find out what our readers think about a number of topics.


Over a period of five days our survey — titled What Do You Think? — was posted online. While we had well over 700 clicks on the survey, we managed to get 170 completed responses. We had been hoping (optimistically) for 200. So, the final number was pretty good.


The survey covered a range of topics. From architecture through to tourism, from the growing generation gap through to the arts, the nature of our questions ensured that we got both quantitative and qualitative responses.


The results are fascinating. So to find out what our readers think about a range of issues that affect our everyday lives, read on. You’ll be surprised.

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