Henry Nguyen - Mr. McDonald's

If last year’s market entry of Starbucks can be viewed as a prototype, then by the time you read this piece there will have been extraordinary queues outside McDonald’s. Using the Drive-Thru model to enter the Vietnamese market, images of motorbike logjams trailing back down Saigon’s Dien Bien Phu come to mind.

Dinh Cong Dat

Hanoi is relentless with its artists. Without them knowing or wishing it, the city burrows under their skin and reveals itself in a variety of ways, in a variety of mediums. Artists can claim that Hanoi isn’t any different from anywhere else but their work says otherwise. These artists have a loving but complicated relationship with their hometown and their art is dramatic evidence of it.

Himiko’s Visual Trial

“What are you doing?” asked elder sister.


“I’m looking for hell,” answered Be Chinh, the little girl digging up earth with a knife. In My Tho, her hometown in the Mekong Delta, her family called the youngest sibling ‘Baby Nine’. Hoang — the name she was born with, and would later go by in Saigon — found hell much later, but she is climbing out of it admirably well.

Alain Carpentier

Alain Carpentier is France's best known heart surgeon. He also has a special relationship with Vietnam. Word speaks to the man whose work in this country has helped saved the lives of thousands of children from impoverished families.

The Sausage Man

It started as a part-time hobby for a Filipino English teacher, but now his sausages are on the menu at Hanoi Social Club and it looks like business could be on the up. Marc Forster-Pert went to meet the man behind the snag. Photos by Francis Roux

Former Arsenal star Freddie Ljungberg

Former Arsenal player Freddie Ljungberg was in Ho Chi Minh City last month to promote the Gunners’ upcoming clash with the Vietnamese national team on Jul. 17 in Hanoi. Photo by Alexandre Garel

The Flower Lady

After one false start, former advertising executive Quynh Anh’s flower arranging business, Padma de Fleur, is starting to blossom. Words by Karen Hewell, photos by Kyle Phanroy and Mads Monsen

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