Photo by Sian Kavanagh

Found universally throughout Vietnam, despite its variations, banh duc remains the ‘dish of the poor person’. Words by Vi Pham. Photos by Siân Kavanagh

Photo by Boris Lopatin

Tran Cam Thu visits a 50-year-old sweet shop that pays homage to the sugary snacks of Hanoi’s past. Photos by Boris Lopatin

Photo by Sian Kavanagh

Even street food goes in and out of fashion. Words by Nick Ross. Photos by Siân Kavanagh

Photo by Sian Kavanagh

Rice paper rolled up with boiled pork and vegetables… There’s a reason that this dish from Tay Ninh near the Cambodian border is a Saigon favourite. Words by Vi Pham. Photos by Siân Kavanagh

Photo by Julie Vola

Ted Dalton heads to Chicken Street to get a taste of that most beloved of Hanoi dishes — barbecued chicken. Photos by Julie Vola

Photo by Kyle Phanroy

If there is any dish that is a Saigon icon, it’s com tam. But what’s the background behind this local favourite cooked up with steamed ‘broken’ rice? Words by Vi Pham

Photo by Julie Vola

Vietnam has an obsession with eating snails. And one dish that leaves a long, glistening trail is snails with rice noodle soup. Words by Huyen Tran. Photos by Julie Vola

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