Our undercover reviewer heads to District 2 to check out a restaurant that’s making waves. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Our anonymous food reviewer pays a visit to the signature restaurant in My Dinh’s JW Marriott. Photos by David Harris

When the Miele Guide recently named Namaste one of the top five restaurants in Vietnam, we asked ourselves was the title justified? Now that the restaurant has moved to a new location, the time seemed ripe to find out. Photos by David Harris

The restaurant above Chill Skybar is vying for a place among the top steakhouses in Saigon. So, has it made the cut? Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Our undercover reporter heads to Café If (Café Neu) to sample the cuisine, but gets caught in the act. Photos by Kyle Phanroy

Green Pea Soup

In a city where it’s completely normal to wander winding alleys in search of a restaurant, Il Faro might win the prize for most difficult to find. The new bistro is located in a forbidding-looking hotel complex — Khach San Cong Doan — at the end of To Ngoc Van that doesn’t look like it houses any kind of eatery, much less an elegant Mediterranean restaurant.


It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m squeezing into a corner seat at the KAfe, marvelling at the number of people packed into the narrow industrial-style room. They all seem to be eating the same things: burgers stacked on wooden boards, fresh juices in Mason jars, pink macaroons. Hip hop is blaring over the speakers. “You see there’s leaders, and there’s followers,” Kanye tells us.

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