New Exhibition at Himiko Visual Saloon

From Jun. 23 through Jul. 11, Himiko Visual Saloon will host a new exhibition, “Losing Face” from artist Corazon Higgins. The artist explains that the main focus of this body of work is the mask and the way that we mask our real identities. We change masks, sometimes multiple times throughout the day. We can use them to trick others, to hide ourselves, to indulge in role-playing fantasies, or just to have fun. Cultures all over the world have used masks and animal symbolism to explain some aspects of human behavior, both the light and the dark sides. In the day-to-day, we are expected to acknowledge and respect each other’s masks. Not doing so results in ‘losing face”. But when do we get to take these masks off? If you did, would you recognize yourself and the people close to you?
Himiko Visual Saloon is located at 324Bis, Dien Bien Phu, Q10, Ho Chi Minh City.

Himiko Visual Saloon
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324 Bis Dien Bien Phu, Q10
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