• Tech Savvy Monks

    Smartphones, selfies and wifi. Monks in Siem Reap are moving into the modern world. Read More
  • A Roaring Trade

    How does a company go from being small to becoming medium or even large? Three business owners in Vietnam tell their story. Read More
  • Apocalaughs Now

    A big big comedy show is hitting Saigon on Tuesday 19th. Apocalaughs Now returns with its best line up yet. Read More
  • Vo Trong Nghia: Building a World for Trees

    Buildings with trees growing out of them? Here's an interview with Vietnam's top architect. He likes his trees... Read More
  • The Guvnor

    From boat person to dignitary. Australia has just appointed their first Asian to represent Queen Elisabeth II in Western Australia. Read More
  • Music: All That Jazz

    Although its 1930s halcyon days are a distant past, a jazz scene is returning to Hanoi, with both students and professionals playing the sounds of Dixieland. Read More
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What's On

  • SAIGON O HIGH : Live Electronic Music & Visual Art event +

    Saigon O High proudly presents an evening of electronic music and live visual performance this Saturday, August 23, at Cargo

    Read More
  • Everyone’s a DJ presents: Electric Kicks vs O Dau? +

    This Friday August 22 prepare for some down and dirty music that will leave you hot, sweaty but wanting more.

    Read More
  • Heart Beat #9 is coming this September 5th @ Cargo Bar +

    Mark That Calendar and Do Not Miss. Goethe & Heart Beat are proud to introduce the German producer Schlepp Geist,

    Read More
  • An Phu Fun Bike Ride +

    The Bike Shop in Thao Dien are holding their monthly bike ride on the evening on Friday Aug. 22, the

    Read More
  • Apocalaughs Now +

    Apocalaughs Now August 2014

    In an attempt to bring you the best in alternative stand-up, the team behind Apocalaughs Now has scoured the 25

    Read More
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  • Cat of the Month: Maru +

    Named in homage to the famous Japanese YouTube celebrity cat Maru’s adventures in tight places, this Maru came to ARC

    Read More
  • A Party to Remember +

    In a country with such a short contemporary history, 20 years is a long time. A very long time.

    Read More
  • Made for Mondays +

    Monday Night Football is a whole new ball game in Vietnam. Photo by Kyle Phanroy

    Read More
  • Word Readership Survey +


    Over the years we’ve always asked for you, the reader’s, feedback. This gives you a chance to tell us about

    Read More
  • Reconstructing the City +

    The pending metro line makes an imprint in Saigon. Photo by Francis Xavier

    Read More
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  • The Mountain Valley +

    On a spontaneous day trip with her sister in tow, Karen Hewell arrives in Thung Nai Valley to find a

    Read More
  • Banh Mi in DC +

    Once at odds with Vietnam, Katie Jacobs heads to the American capital to savour some of this country’s best-known cuisine

    Read More
  • Destination Zero: Ana Mandara Villas Dalat +

    You can usually judge a place on the quality of its bathrobes. Your average city hotel trafficks in waffle-weaved cotton,

    Read More
  • In Thailand with Holga +

    Julie Vola voyaged to The Land of Smiles with her Holga, a Hong Kong-built plastic camera that looks like a

    Read More
  • Photography Tips: The Power of Lines +

    In composition, lines play a great role. They give direction to your photo, create something for your eyes to follow

    Read More
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Just In

  • Eden Bar +

    Set outdoors down Ngo 264, Au Co and close to the Tay Ho end of the Red River, Eden is

    Read More
  • The Invasion Has Started +

    And no, we’re not talking an alien invasion here, although rewind a decade or so and just the very concept

    Read More
  • Hand-Pulled Noodles +

    With all the good Chinese food we have in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s a wonder Tam Hao is our

    Read More
  • VIVA Tapas Bar & Grill +

    District 7 now has one more good tapas option, to make up for the quality seafood option it replaced. VIVA

    Read More
  • Happy Family with Local Treasures +

    For sustainable shoppers in Vietnam that are dedicated to making their purchases count toward the greater good, there’s good news

    Read More
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  • Defining Words +

    Not long after we realise that we exist, we become preoccupied with the meaning that carries. Every existence has meaning,

    Read More
  • A Paper Anniversary +

    Keen readers will note this month marks the first anniversary of this column. And like a newborn in her first

    Read More
  • Communication +

    Profitability, business strategy and the all-important bottom line are critical to making an organisation successful, but a large proportion of

    Read More
  • HCMC Coffee Cup: M2C +

    Stepping into M2C, 'Modern Meets Culture’, you might be surprised by the collision of trendsetter aesthetics.

    Read More
  • Calories vs. Chemicals +

    The calorie myth is a hard one to kill. Calories are not the most important issue when striving for effortless

    Read More
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  • HCMC August Food Promos +

    Food Promotions in Ho Chi Minh this August...

    Read More
  • Hanoi August Food Promotions +

    Food promotions in Hanoi this August...

    Read More
  • July Food Promotions +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • July Food Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
  • July Travel Promos +

    Promotions of the month

    Read More
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